Pinpoint Education: Courses on a Mission

Our mission is to be the most trusted online resource for manual therapists and massage professionals.
Pinpoint courses are the bridge between what you already know and what you want to know next.

Learning is a lifestyle.

What does this look like?

It's about recognizing truly impactful, fulfilling manual therapy, massage and bodywork practices are less about the skill in our hands (that's already a given), and more about how we capitalize on our mindset, by making the most of innovations in research and technology as they relate to our work.

This involves the ongoing development and support of: 

  • Science-based curriculum
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Learning as a lifestyle
  • Interpersonal and clinical communication skills
  • Practical hands-on and movement training, of course ;) 
  • Ethical marketing practices

This entire platform (and courses) have been redesigned and upgraded to level up with the times of a fast-changing world and online learning. Below you'll find the courses we're polishing up so far, with more in queue...

Coming in Summer of 2022, we'll begin collaborating with new instructors to bring you more content bolstering the importance, impact, and potential of manual therapy and massage in a world that's increasingly deprived of authentic human connection.
We're rebuilding All of this from scratch

Courses & Classes

Pinpoint DNM is officially LAUNCHED as of March 2022!  
Available today here.

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